Second sheltered living was launched in Balti

Second sheltered living was launched in Balti

The second sheltered living for people with mental health problems was launched by the Association SOMATO on Friday, 27 of May, in Balti municipality.
It is a house situated in the town of Balti, on the street “31 August”, 127, with the total area of approximately 40 m². The house (three rooms, kitchen and bathroom) is furnished and has all the conditions for a decent living. Five men with mental health problems will live in this house. Sheltered living is a service promoted by Mental Health Center SOMATO from Balti. The president of association SOMATO, Jana Chihai, said that launching the second sheltered living in Balti is an important step for offering equal chances for independent community living for people with mental health problems.

„By means of this service, launched for the first time in our country, we confer another dimension of activities for promotion of social inclusion and deinstitutionalization of people with special needs” said Jana Chihai.

The Director of the Mental Health Center SOMATO, Corina Popa, mentioned that the five residents will live an independent life in this house.

„They will have a job, pay their bills, prepare food and receive guests. However, the life of these five residents will be monitored by our specialists” said Corina Popa.

Association SOMATO is expected to launch until autumn of the current year two more sheltered livings in Balti – an apartment and a house. Totally, there will be launched four sheltered livings. Sheltered livings were launched within the project implemented „Global Initiative Hilversum” (Netherlands) and Association SOMATO (Balţi) with the financial support by European Union Delegation in Chisinau, „Mental Health Initiative Open Society Institute” (Hungary and Netherlands). Another project partner is Balti city hall.

The first sheltered living was launched in Balti (in the center of the town) by the Association SOMATO on February 17, 2011. Two women with mental health problems live there at the moment.

may 27, 2011