Leisure and instruction at Dniester

Leisure and instruction at Dniester

About sixty beneficiaries from Mental Health Center “Somato” and Day Center for Children and Teenagers with Severe Mixed Disabilities “Danko” from Balti, beneficiaries’ parents and workers from these centers spent their time, in the period 9-12 June, at the leisure base “Lux” in Vadul lui Voda. Simultaneously they participated at the instruction program.
The Director of the Center “Somato”, Corina Popa, said that those 60 persons, including 6 workers from the two centers, had been engaged into a program that combined leisure with education. The agenda also included trainings for beneficiaries’ parents, entertainment activities for beneficiaries.

“These trainings are aimed to enrich parents’ knowledge about behavioral intervention with children and adults with mental deficiencies; ways of communication with people with mental health problems and overcoming conflict situations by the beneficiaries”, said Corina Popa.

“Tatiana, mother of Lucian, a beneficiary from the Center “Danko”, said that such programs are useful both for children and their parents.

They contribute to integration of our children into society, children have fun and good time, while parents have the opportunity to share experience, to learn new things, as well as actively spent time with their children”, said Tatiana.

Aliona, a beneficiary from the Center “Somato”, expressed all beneficiaries’ opinion and said that the program organized in Vadul lui Voda was a successful one.

“I like it here, because it is funny and interesting. I saw Dniester and sunbathed at the beach. I would like to come here next year too”, said Aliona.

Of those 60 persons who participated at the program, 24 were beneficiaries from the Center “Somato” and 13 were beneficiaries from the Center “Danko”. Other participants at the program were beneficiaries’ parents and 6 workers from the two centers.

Leisure and instruction in Vadul lui Voda for the beneficiaries from two centers from Balti was organized by the Association “Somato” under the project “Equal chances for community living”, with financial support by Finland Embassy.

june 14, 2011