Cross-border Mental Health Project finalized

Cross-border Mental Health Project finalized

About 200 pupils from Balti and district Falesti, and 17 teachers improved and deepened their knowledge on mental health due to a cross-border project implemented by associations from Republic of Moldova and Romania (Association SOMATO, Balti, Association “Alianþa Între Generaþii”, Falesti (RM); Association PARTENER – Initiative Group for Local Development from Iasi and Association HELICOMED (Romania). Project “Cross-border cooperation initiatives on mental health of adolescents from the border area Romania-Republic of Moldova” was successfully implemented. The purpose of the project was to contribute to development and promotion of mental health among adolescents and teenagers from border area Romania-Republic of Moldova. Thus, 1250 teenagers aged 13-18 participated in informational and instruction activities.

Also, among project beneficiaries there were 60 teachers, 20 school doctors, 10 medical assistants from schools, 10 psychologists from schools, 20 NGOs working in social field and mental health.

During the project, the partners carried out a study to assess the level of informing of pupils and teachers from Balti municipality and Falesti district regarding mental health, as well as research at the end of the project, determining the impact of the program.

Association SOMATO from Bãlþi and Association PARTENER GIDL and HELICOMED from Romania – project partners – released three brochures on mental health – “SMADOgen”, “SMADOplus”, “SMADOfort”. They were used as didactic materials during educational and informational activities of the project.

The project was launched on April 21, 2011 under Joint Operational Program Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova 2007-2013, funded by EU. The project aims Iasi, Botosani and Vaslui (Romania), and municipality Balti, districts Falesti, Edinet, Ungheni and Leova (RM).

The total cost of the project for cross-border cooperation on mental health of adolescents from border area Romania-Republic of Moldova is about 166 thousand Euros, of which 149 thousand Euros are grants, offered by EU.

february 18, 2013